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About Teamwork

Unlimited Foundation

Our mission is to increase awareness and understanding, promote acceptance of others, celebrate differences and encourage socialization with people of all abilities.  People with challenges in communication, socialization or mobility may be different, but not less.  Helping others with their challenges takes TEAMWORK, which is a goal of Teamwork Unlimited Foundation. Our personal journey started soon after our son was diagnosed with Autism.  Prior to this, our life was baseball oriented and still is, but now we have a new perspective.  For we now see the world through the eyes of a child with Autism.  It became our goal to combine those two worlds.

To teach the baseball world about Autism Awareness and to teach baseball to those who have Autism and special needs.

"Always stay humble and kind"

- Tim McGraw 

Teamwork Unlimited Foundation - Autism Awareness Scholarship

We have our foundation set up into three bases

1st Base - Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Our  yearly event, the Baseball Autism Awareness Challenge began twelve years ago and continues to be a great success. This even has grown every year and currently has 40 High School Baseball teams playing in 20 games over a 3 days span, this year we welcome 10 softball teams that will be  playing in our event.  This month-long event starts with a pre season dinner and ends with a weekend long baseball/softball tournament in April.  


2nd Base - Special Needs

Teamwork Unlimited Foundation is just that, an unlimited foundation, we try not to limit ourselves to just one need but to expand our vision by helping the needs of those around us.   

Teamwork Unlimited Foundation encourages players to get  involved with local buddy ball programs, either as a team or as individuals. We coordinate local baseball & softball teams to be "buddies" to the local buddy ball baseball program. 

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3rd Base - Youth Sports

Once again we will be offering the
Teamwork Unlimited Foundation - Autism Awareness Scholarship
to a senior/s who has participated in our event and has taken his or her experience to the next level.  We want to know about an experience that has enlightened or inspired you to become involved with a special needs event, person or community. The scholarship information will be sent to your coaches, so please ask them for the information or click on our highlights tab for the paperwork.  This scholarship will be presented to the winning recipient/s in May.


We Need Your Support Today!

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