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Homerun Heroes

Each year we do a fundraiser for a chosen family/person. For every homerun hit throughout the 3 day tournament we donate money to them. Here are some of  past recipients stories. 

Shane O'Donnell

​In 2016, one  of our long time supporters, Mike O’Donnell, formerly Middlesex HS coach and now Athletic Director, was told his 1-year-old son Shane was diagnosed with an aggressive form of neuroblastoma.  After receiving aggressive chemo treatments to stop the growth of the tumors Shane is doing remarkable.  
In the spirit of the game, Teamwork Unlimited Foundation challenged the players to hit a home run for Shane.  For every player who hit a home run during the Autism Awareness games, a donation was given in their name an to baby Shane’s cancer fight.  The players hit an amazing 20 home runs!!! 
 Hit a home run - Swing for the Stars.


Marisa Tufaro

The home run challenge was so inspiring we continued it in ​2017.  Sadly, that year we lost a precious young lady who was very dear to our hearts, Marisa Tufaro lost her battle with her life long  heart defect. Since the start of the Autism Awareness Challenge Marisa's dad Greg has been very instrumental in helping Teamwork Unlimited Foundation fulfill its goals.  The Marisa Tufaro Foundation was chosen as our second year recipient for the home run challenge portion of our event.  The players hit an outstanding 17 home runs in Marisa's memory.   

Julie Hildebrand

In 2018 we were introduced to an a amazing little girl from Colonia who was fighting her own cancer battle.  Sweet Julie Hildebrand is the feisty spunky pint size manager of 'Team Jules'.   We are praying and sending well wishes to Julie and her family as she receives her treatments.  Players brought  their "A" game and hit an impressive 27 home runs sending lots of funds to help Julie in her cancer fight.


Everett & Rory Pepin

In 2019 we chose a Sayreville family with two young children, ages 1 and 3, who were battling the rare eye cancer retinoblastoma.. Through Teamwork our homerun heroes made a donation to the Pepin family to help defray  medical and personal expenses associated with caring for their children, 1-year-old twin Rory (short for Lorelai) and 3-year-old Everett. Everett, who is described as a “fun-loving kid,” has been battling retinoblastoma most of his young life. After receiving chemotherapy treatment starting when he was 17 days old, his cancer is in remission. The treatments, however, have had adverse side effects, leaving Everett with hearing loss in both ears and with post-traumatic stress disorder. Rory has endured rounds of chemotherapy and is tested monthly under anesthesia to evaluate the cancer’s progress. We are happy to report both Everett & Rory are doing well. 

Joseph Koslowski

In 2020 Teamwork Unlimited unanimously chose Joey Koslowski as our Autism Awareness challenge home run recipient.  Joey is an inspirational 9-year-old boy from Jackson, who is battling a rare disorder. Joey was diagnosed over the summer with Castleman Disease, a lymphoproliferative disorder indicated by an overgrowth of cells of the lymphatic system. It is very similar to lymphomas (cancer of the lymph nodes) and autoimmune diseases. The brave boy faces a protracted and arduous battle. The Autism Awareness Baseball Community has ties to Koslowski’s parents. Koslowski’s father, Joe, graduated from Spotswood, where he previously coached multiple sports, including baseball.  Koslowski’s mother, Julie, is a special education teacher with the Hamilton Township School District. The Koslowski family is overwhelmed and eternally grateful for the community support it has received.  Unfortunately, the tournament was cancelled due to Covid pandemic however we still made sure to send a donation to Joey. We love watching all of Joey’s progress and success on social media.  Keep choppin!!!    


Shane Wilson

2021 Autism Awareness Challenge Home Run Hero is Shane Wilson of Ewing NJ  (formerly of So. River).  Shane is a 22-year-old young man with Autism who is now being treated for Burkitt's Leukemia, which is a type of blood cancer in which too many white blood cells form in the blood and bone marrow.  His brother who is a former HS linebacker, who knows what tough looks like, describes Shane as the toughest kid he knows.  He has the sweetest disposition and the hospital staff looks forward to listening for Shane to sing his happy songs.  He can make you laugh when you least expect it with his contagious laugh. He is strong yet gentle and is his family's hero!!!     

Madison Luyber

In 2022 Teamwork Unlimited unanimously chose  Madison Luyber from Moorestown New Jersey. Madison is a 17 year old non verbal young lady who has Autism and is currently fighting Non-Ger men omais Germ Tumor. This is a highly rare malignant brain tumor in the pit uit ary gland. Madison has had to endure months of chemotherapy & radiation treatment to help shrink her tumors and stop them from spreading. We have chosen Madison to be this year’s home run hero so that we can help her continue to fight like a girl!


Alexandria  "Allie" Ewing

Allie is a bright, kind, effervescent 11-year-old with a passion for life. She has a heart of gold and an infectious fun loving spirit. When you look at the pictures her family has posted, you can sense the fighter in this pint-sized powerhouse. 


She has already had numerous surgeries for an aggressive brain tumor. The radiation she is currently receiving is slowing the growth of the tumor, but she will continue to receive treatments out of state for the next few months. 

It was an easy decision for our board to choose Allie for this year's Home run hero.  She’s a hometown girl. She is a true athlete that excelled in many sports.   Additionally, her family is no stranger to Autism Awareness; Allie has a sister, Victoria, who has Autism.  A total of 21 home runs were hit for Allie!!!

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